My paintings reference the urban landscape, and explore relationships betweeen architecture, geometry, color and texture. I work with thick applications of oil paint mixed directly on the canvas, and use a range of flat tools intended for applying drywall compound. Areas of the surface are built, un-built, layered, mixed and remixed as the paintings evolve. I am interested in the push and pull of color and form in space, with no direct reference point, where depth of field, scale and perspective all come into question. My process involves intense physical interaction that focuses on balancing structure with improvisation in an ongoing effort to fit disparate parts into a cohesive whole that is at once tectonic and organic. I see my work as a process of self-discovery as I seek to reconnect the disparate parts and make sense of internal and external inconsistencies and contradictions.

Works on Paper

My experimental drawings and mixed media works on paper appropriate concepts from a wide variety of sources: gender studies, physics, nature, mathematics, metaphysics and computer coding. Interested in the hidden systems, structures and energies we sense (or even know through science) but cannot see, I explore a world where these systems are made visual. What does it look like when space bends? How do we understand and visualize time that isn’t linear? What are the hidden forces influencing our relationships? Working in discrete series, each question provides a starting point for exploration and experimentation.

Mixed Media

My mixed media sculptures grapple with concerns about the environment and with the material waste derived from the practice of making art. My paintings are labor intensive and require a lot of editing. Leftover oil paint accumulates quickly. Concerned with waste and my responsibility as an artist making objects for consumption to minimize my footprint, the Midnight Snack Series evolved. Other ongoing recycling and reuse projects are in the works. Currently, I’m saving leftover paint tubes and plastic caps and planning to integrate these materials into future projects.